Are we losing the sex positivity we have gained? — 2 Comments

  1. Jennie, you are spot on. Of course it’s past time that blatant sexual transgressions become as antiquated in our culture as, say, chastity belts. Yet I fear a witch hunt (or would that be a warlock hunt?) as well as the inevitable backlash.

  2. Great blogs lately, Jennie. I am going to raise something for consideration. Why are men socialized in this culture in a way that appears to promote all forms of aggression toward women? Could it be that many – up to 80-90% of those males born in this country in the second half of the 20th century – were victims thmselves of violent sexual aggression shortly after birth? Strapped down and immobilized while a large percentage of what would have become normal sexually functioning tissue is torn – typically without any anaesthesia – from their genitals. One of their first experiences of life involves violence and non-consensual sexual manipulation. Thankfully, the tide is slowly changing through education and the realization that this is a human rights violation., but if the one holding the highest public office in this country can feel it’s his right to grab a woman’s genitals, I do have to wonder if it is simply something that has become a norm to do to any less protected, more vulnerable individual.

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