[Blog Post] Valentine Mine — 3 Comments

  1. I find my peace in knowing that I have been loved by many (romantically and otherwise) and I have loved many (romantically and otherwise). It brings me sustenance during times of despair.

    Now, for some silliness: Many times, as a younger man, I would look forward to Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for “getting some tail.” Never did I imagine back then that now, as an older man, that “getting some tail” might mean lobster tail.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Jennie, from a long-time admirer.

  2. Oh, Jennie! Thank you for helping me smile on the morning of a day that means next to nothing to me. It has become another Hallmark holiday. Since Alan died 15 months ago, I have been learning to love myself, meaning my existence and unique history, in ways I never thought possible. Today will be no exception.

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