Performance Reviews/Comments:

July 29, 2012 at Occidental Center for the Arts

You’re so fearless; you’re one fearless lady. Thanks for the opportunity to play. –Jeanette I.

What a blast! It was more than ‘enjoy.’ It was fantastic!–Dave B.

Wonderful. Very moving…and funny too!–J.W.

You’re just so full of guts and courage. I just admire that in you. And thanks for the poem about the vets. –David M.

Your birthday celebration was most moving and thanks for choosing OCA for a memorable performance. –Lolly Mesches, KOWS radio host

Jennie reads with Jeanette and Karen of SR SymphonyFor the great reading, performance, rich time at OCA yesterday, thank you!  Roger and I just included it in our anniversary celebration and it was sweet for us. Thanks for all the work you put into the event…very professional and it paid off for the audience.  OCA appreciates you and so do I.   –Marylu D.

I loved your event Jennie. I left feeling “connected” to community and myself in a bigger way.   xoxo, Franni

Jennie reads at Occidental Center for the ArtsI wanted to write to tell you that it was an amazing, beautiful and moving afternoon. You were wonderful, from the sad/sweet beginnings.. Make a Match, the memoirs, the great poems, and of course music and you being so at ease and intimate. Judith said it was the best presentation they’ve ever had and if I’d seen all of them I’m sure I’d agree, not able to imagine anything more truthful and lovely. –Thanks so much to you, Barbara B.

I’m a friend to Ned, which is how I heard about you. I’ve been reading excerpts from you book on Amazon. The poetry, in particular, is what really grabbed me. I laughed… and I cried. You have such a talent with words. I’d be honored to be included on your list of FB friends. –Catryce C.


The poet Antler writes to Jennie:
“Your book is a triumph of honesty and sexuality and courage that will charm and empower women and men in the years to come.” (See full review by clicking My New Book)

North Bay Bohemian Editor Gabe Meline likes Poetry, Politics and Passion:
“A page turner, indeed.” See full review by clicking the My New Book tab.

Poet David St. John wrote:
Dearest Jennie. I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to read your superb book! Endless congratulations!!!!!

February 19, 2012 — Book Release Party

Book Party Reading February 19, 2012

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience at your book release party! Wow, what an amazing event! It was perfectly organized, staged, and attended. But more than that, your writing. I kept thinking about what would be the best word to describe it. Here’s what I came up with: “Penetrating.” Your words just knife into me. Even the poem I remember from awhile back, about Sanja Milenovic, cut me the same as it did the first time I heard it.

Jennie, you are an amazing woman, and such an amazing, amazing writer. Thank you for giving so much to the words.    Karen R.

I want to say Thank You for letting me share in your joyous day of peace, poetry and passion. I really enjoyed the afternoon and have to comment on what a delightful reader you are. It was a pleasure and honor to be there! I hope your book is enjoyed by many people as it has been by me. Bless you for your courage and openness and fun and honesty.
Annette A.

I am devouring your book. You did a great job yesterday – reading and being so present and open. You looked beautiful and so authentic. What I admired most about you was your authentic life.

So brave Jennie. THANK YOU.

I’m enjoying your book.  It must have been so much fun going back over our old letters and putting memories down onto paper.  I can’t imagine being so open, though, about your sex life!  You are amazing 🙂

What an entertainer you are!  I loved your book event, specifically listening to you read your stories, and your passionate poems.  You have such a wonderful voice, and a zinger sense of humor!

I am speechless because you bring your life to life as if I was watching it in 3D  Ah, it was…it just was wonderful.  You are inspirational.  And you are so open about every aspect of your life.  That is refreshing and mind blowing in the very same moment.

Thank you for having invited me.
Warm regards,
Kat D.

Jennie, you were splendid. My friend Barry and I enjoyed the reading and the whole presentation. I will be buying another book or two soon. Thanks again for a wonderful reading and nice gathering of folks.
Patti B.

Hi Jen,
Great day, lovely to hear you read your work, enjoyed it immensely.

I am so happy I made the time to attend your book launch party. When you told the story of how you got back up out of your pew and sat back down at the altar steps, my heart swelled with admiration for you. When you read about the woman whose arms would never again carry a turnip basket, my eyes welled up with tears.

I really like who you are, Jennie.
Ned B.

Great reading, Jennie. Your pauses, your emphasis on some chosen words and phrases brought out for me surprising shades of meaning and humor, particularly in the memoir. I’m sorry there wasn’t more opportunity to talk afterward. But I was glad to see the line of admirers waiting to get their books signed.
Dan C.