[Blog Post] I publish an excerpt of my father’s war memoir — 7 Comments

  1. What a precious gift from your brother and a beautiful tribute to your father Jennie. And I see where you got your good looks!

  2. Interesting. My father was a medic also. He was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii for the duration. His last station was on top of Diamond Head which was a radio relay station. That unit received news of Japan’s surrender before President Truman because their unit relayed it to the Mainland. I thought your father’s story was both humorous and possibly sad. It struck me that the same cars may have been used to deport Jews to concentration camps earlier in the war. I’m pleased he didn’t suffer post-traumatic stress due to the war and/or his injuries.

    • I also thought about the transport of Jews, Romani, homosexuals to the death camps in railroad cars which is why I picked this excerpt from the 33 legal-sized pages of my father’s unfinished manuscript.

  3. Hi, Jennie. Very nice work. From the photo–handsome devil–I see the resemblance.
    The cummings quote reminded me of what is perhaps my favorite line of all: “I’d rather have my country die for me.” (Jefferson Airplane) Not to mention my brother’s response to his draft book inquisitor: “The enemies of this country are my brothers and sisters.”

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Jennie. Quite a guy – and you definitely inherited his gift of painting word pictures…

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