Draft Protests in the 1960s — 2 Comments

  1. Bravo to you and the Milwaukee 14, and
    the Catonsville 9 and David McReynolds.
    Now, more than ever, we must stand in the
    way of those leading us down the path
    of confrontation and war. I am reminded
    of a meeting with the Mayor of Nazareth
    in 1984 who asked this questiion. “Which
    my dear friends do you prefer the logic of
    war is more war or the logic of peace is more peace?” In the 1960’s I worked closely
    with Phil Berrigan to form the Baltimore
    Interfaith Peace Mission to organize lobby
    visits to members of Congress, marches,
    vigils ad picketing military bases all
    leading up to the action at Catonsville.
    Stay strong.
    Bob Alpern

    • Thanks, Bob, for the encouragement and for your work. I’m curious to know how you found my blog. All the best…Jennie

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