Love has no color: first integrated prom in Wilcox County Georgia

How great to start my day at 6 a.m. with Democracy Now’s interview with two adorable and articulate students who have organized this event; the show connects the integrated prom story with the 1957 integration of Little Rock Central High School by a group of students known as the Little Rock 9. You can watch and get transcript at this link. Bright light on a foggy morning!

A group of Georgia high school students are making history by challenging the segregation of their high school prom. Thanks to their efforts and the support of groups like the NAACP, Wilcox County High will hold its first-ever integrated prom this Saturday, nearly 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education desegregated the nation’s school system…News of the case spread quickly over social media, fueling support and donations for an integrated prom from as far away as Australia and South Korea.
Democracy Now April 26, 2013

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  1. Hazel says:

    I am very proud of these two young adults. Just because something is, does not mean that is the way it has to be. Sometimes you have to stand alone for something you believe in. Many times, no one wants to be the first to start making changes, it only takes one person, in this case it took two. I pray that this new tradition will carry on in their community and many communities across the country. These young adults are going to go far in life. Kudos to them!!

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