I need to learn to blog

I guess this is the spot, that, if I were to become a blogger, I would write. To you.  To whomever is paying attention.

The title of this blog could be “Daily Passion.” (nice tie-in with my book title)

Dance has been my passion, IS my passion. Tonight my main ballroom teacher invited me to come to an all-day showcase in which I would choose 4 dances to dance with him, in front of “feedback people” not “judges.” It’s NOT a competition. So I rumba and fox trot and tango and cha-cha twice in the day, and then in the evening , dinner together with all the great people. Then we see a professional show, and then there’s  an open dance. Does that sound like A-Plus fun or what? And slightly terrifying too. Some people enter many more rounds than I will, because this is my first time. The owner of our studio said the men in ballroom are perhaps, more “gentlemanly,” than the men in the general population by way of encouraging me. She and I also talked about community, and how dance sometimes makes you feel like you’re coming home.

When I dance, I think about my Mom and Dad. Here’s what I wrote about them in a poem:  “…my parents/ the Fred and Ginger of family weddings/whose fox trot and waltz/ turned love/into something you could watch/and believe in the power of…”

I think I’ll go see Silver Linings Playbook to get in the mood. And oh yes, watch those Brooklyn (was it?) children dance in the fabulous documentary Mad, Hot Ballroom.

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5 Responses to I need to learn to blog

  1. Ned Buratovich says:

    It’s great to see you getting back to blogging, Jennie. It’s a practice, like working out regularly for an athlete, that consistently hones your skill.

  2. Great website and loved the post. You always make me feel like going out and doing something creative!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I enjoyed reading today’s blog. Thankyou! You reminded me how much I love dancing as well (and have “on the shelf” of things yet to do). Have a BLAST and let us know how it goes. xoxo, Fran

  4. Annette Arnold says:

    A very beautiful website…well, with the addition of a lovely painting by the ever-so-talented Brad Huck, how can you go wrong? This is really a wonderful start to your new blogging adventure and I look forward to reading more. You’re AWESOME and inspring! Thank you.

  5. I see you are much further ahead on your blog than I am! I’m still struggling with the format, let alone having something to blog about! Nice job, Jenny.

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